Luxe Candle 8oz

  • 8oz

    100% soy with cotton wick 

    Approximate burn time: 40 hours

    Trimming the wick regularly to a quarter inch will help your candle burn at a slower rate

    Always trim the wick before lighting

    Minimize the amount of wax left on the sides of the vessel and damage caused by overheating by not burning longer than 3 hours at a time.


    #45 Leather Gardenia smells like: An old lady wearing to much gardenia perfume wearing a wet leather jacket


    #73 Lemon Cassis smells like: Meyer lemon touched by cassis with a slap of basil


    #92 Motor Oil Lime smells like: Spilled motor oil and fresh cut cocktail limes.


    #27 Dirty Brown Sugar smells like: Planting in wet soil with a dab of burnt brown sugar.


    #36 Jalapeño Melon smells like: Eating watermelon and cinnamon candy together while lying in fresh cut grass. 


    #59 Mandarin Fennel smells like: Mandarin Orange and fennel salad with a touch of mint.


    #89Gunpowder Lily smells like: Stale amber & gunpowder with valley lily


    #47 Eucalyptus Pepper smells like: Crisp pepper & medicinal eucalyptus


    #18 Burnt Whiskey smells like: Warm whiskey fireside with toasted marshmallow


    #22 Bacon Cocoa smells like: Bold dark cocoa with musky peppered bacon


    #31 Rotten Firewood smells like: Rotten sweet figs and fresh cut firewood


    #64 Rubber Mentha  smells like: Burning tires in a field of mint